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Template DataKeys

In this menu section, Data Keys of text placeholders from the IDML can be individually edited or supplemented with functions (examples: multiline form field, mandatory field).


  • The input should be limited to characters or digits, or have a different formatting; in this case, an appropriate regex validation can be inserted.

  • The placeholders within the template are populated with data from an ERP system upon creating the draft via API (API-default-value). The Data Keys in the IDML file are taken from this system (e.g., mc-pos-supplier). However, in the Printformer template, the form editor needs to be activated additionally, and a different wording (label) should be used for the Data Key (e.g., supplier).


The template DataKeys can also be used for DataKeys from the Feed (via the Add product function).

Template DataKeys are created using 'Add Template DataKey' or edited later by clicking on them in the overview.

Depending on the function of the Template DataKey, the form editor must be activated in the template configuration.

Add Template DataKey

Field ( * = Mandatory field)


Data Key*

use the corresponding Data Key from the IDML file


(desired) designation or displayed name

Type*1 (can’t be changed afterwards)

Desired designation or displayed name

Required field

Activating the checkbox declares the placeholder as a mandatory field. If left unedited, an error message will appear in the Printformer Editor.

Hidden for users

Option to hide the attribute from the user (for example, in the Form Editor, there won't be a field where the value can be overridden)


The DataKey is displayed in the form editor, but cannot be edited


Assignment to one or multiple clients

1 Depending on the type there’s multiple configurations:

Field ( * = Mandatory Field)


Typ: Text (single line/multi-line)

Regular Expression Template

Attribute constraints: Custom (Regex), Email, Phone number, Numbers only, Letters only, Between 1 and 8 characters


The search pattern is a Regular Expression (Regex) and can either be selected from the dropdown menu above (e.g., numbers only) or entered manually. Modifiers 'i' and/or 'm' can be added. (i = case insensitive; m = perform multiline matching)

Typ: Dropdown


Definition of value and output (via the plus symbol): The inputs under 'Output' are displayed as a dropdown selection in the Form Editor; the associated value is consequently output in the Draft (DataKey).

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