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printformer configuration and customizing

Here the functions and configurations of the printformer are described in detail via the backend access.

The admin area (backend) is divided into 12 menu items:

  • Dashboard
    Overview of own printformer system

  • User
    User management and creation of user attributes and roles

  • Publish
    all template configuration issues

  • Shop
    Shop configuration, management of products, orders and addresses

  • Mail management
    Creation/management of e-mail templates

  • Integrations
    Integrating the printformer into external systems

  • Management
    Language files and notifications

  • Declaration
    Management of ingredient lists, nutritional value tables, BBF and product weights

  • Workflow
    Creating approval processes

  • CMS
    Creating pages and blocks

  • Analytics
    All derivatives created in the printformer are listed here

  • Settings
    Customizing the user interface

If individual features are not activated in the system, they are displayed but cannot be used.


For each menu there is an overview page on which the corresponding data sets are listed.

Via the grid settings (gearwheel icon), you can select which information is to be displayed in the table.
By default, all custom attributes (created in the corresponding menu) are also displayed here. These can also be hidden via the general settings > Admin.
The arrow button refreshes the page.
In addition, in some menus the records can be activated via the checkboxes on the left and downloaded or deleted by using actions.


The grid can be used to filter by individual columns. In addition, a search term can be entered in the Name column. The ?-symbol can be entered here to filter for different name variants, for example.

As soon as a system contains more than one client, the settings made in the backend must be assigned to at least one client each.

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