In order to place or enter images and texts in the editor, in addition to the possibility of adding text/image via top menu, image and/or text frames can be created in the IDML and their editing can be limited by means of BlockSettings.

Specialties of image blocks in the printformer:

  • no stroke color of the frame is possible (fill color is possible)

Specialties of text blocks in the printformer:

  • Text blocks must be created using the Type tool (if a frame created using the Rectangle tool is converted to a text frame, it is mandatory to assign an object format)

  • no stroke color of the frame is possible (fill color is possible)

  • there is no automatic hyphenation in the printformer, for typesetting or for defining wanted word separations a Discretionary Hyphen (Choose Type > Insert Special Character > Hyphens And Dashes > Discretionary Hyphen.) can be inserted in each text.

  • by the BlockSetting text-grow the text frame can be enlarged automatically for longer content

  • the formatting of the default text is adopted from the IDML file. To ensure this, a paragraph and object format must be assigned to the text frame. (If the text frame contains different formatting and the text is completely deleted in the editor, the formatting of the last first letter or paragraph format takes effect).

  • Not all InDesign text formatting features are implemented in printformer, information follows.

  • When adjusting the tracking, they are only visible in the Chrome browser (in the preview, the tracking is displayed correctly in all browsers).

If spaces are inserted in the editor at the beginning or end of a text block, they are automatically deleted.