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More features

This section contains information about template management in the backend and the creation of templates with special properties (e.g. limited editing of blocks, placeholders and utility templates).

Configure templates in the backend

Overview and explanation of template management in printformer, includes the different types of templates (Template Types; Page, Avail and Article templates), their uses and the configuration of the printformer editor.

printformer Tags

Overview of the tags specified by the DTD and their application areas.

printformer BlockAttributes

Attributes define which adjustments may be made to elements in the printformer editor or how the elements should behave in different scenarios.

Color versions

With the printformer function color versions, the user can be provided with several color versions of an InDesign template with only one template.

Clipped Content Areas

Clipped Content Areas (CCA) can be used to crop or hide certain parts of the template in the editor (e.g. adhesive or finished areas that are not printable).

Shape Blocks (Formen)

ShapeBlocks lets you import simple graphical elements (lines and shapes) without the link to an SVG file for use in the editor.

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