This tutorial explain how you can create a IDML file via API


For this tutorial you need to know how you can create a draft and access user files with a JWT Token

  1. Request IDML Package

  2. After IDML Package was created, you get a empty callback to your CallbackURL

  3. Now you call the idml-package endpoint and get a URL to your IDML File (JWT Token necessary)


The following points should be considered when exporting IDML:

  • multi-page IDML templates cannot be exported (for template type customizable bundle export of a multi-page IDML is possible)

  • the original structure (incl. tags and attributes) is no longer included in the exported IDML

  • Templates with spot colors (PANTONE / HKS) cannot be exported (the following color spaces are possible: RGB, CMYK, LAB)

  • all assets (images, graphics) inserted into the template will be linked

  • If paragraph formats are stored in the source IDML, they are applied to texts even if the user has reformatted them in the editor (user formatting is overwritten).

  • the following features / properties are not included in the IDML file:
    - BlockSetting text-fit
    - Barcodes / QR Codes
    - Lists (bullets and numbering)

  • Settings of transparency or color changes of SVG files are reset during IDML export (opacity again 100%, SVG is taken over unchanged into IDML)

  • compliance with the level sorting cannot be guaranteed

  • Bleed settings (from the source IDML) are deleted during export