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Customizable Bundle

This type is an "Empty template" that can be filled with page templates (e.g. for magazines, brochures). The user can change the page layouts while editing in the editor (even afterwards).

The required layout templates are created as usual in InDesign and uploaded as page templates into the printformer.

If the content of text and/or image blocks is to be transferred when changing the page template, the text/asset block must be added with the content-identifier attribute on the tag of the respective block.

Then, a new template is added (Menu Templates) and Customizable bundle is selected as the template type.

In the Page template assignment, the desired page templates are selected via the plus symbol (from the list of all existing page templates). These pages are then already included in the template when opened in the editor (sidebar tab Pages).

Under Available page templates, further page templates can be selected, which are available to the user under Add a new page or the Sidebar tab Layouts.

In the Editor settings Edit pages you can select by checkbox whether the user can add or delete pages. Additionally, a page divider and the maximum number of pages can be set.

After saving the Pages menu appears in the sidebar, when the template is opened in the editor.
All previously selected pages are displayed (and can be clicked through for editing) in this menu. Below the thumbnails are icons for the page editing functions.

In the Layouts menu, all (additionally) available page layouts are displayed and can be applied to existing pages via drag&drop.

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