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Template Types


Standardeinstellung für Templatevorlagen mit individualisierbaren Bereichen (Blöcke). Zur Erstellung wird eine PDF oder IDML-Datei mit Hintergrund-PDF hochgeladen. Dieser Template Typ wird auch als Vorlage für Gruppen eingesetzt. Diese kann eine oder mehrere Seiten beinhalten.


With the template type Group, a selection of different design templates can be made available to the user in the editor. If the editable blocks of the individual templates are each assigned the attribute content-identifier, the content adjustments (text or image exchange) are transferred to all remaining templates when editing a template. (For example, if the user selects one version and later decides to use another, he does not have to re-enter the text/images that have already been inserted in blocks).

Customizable Bundle

This type is an "Empty Template" that can be filled with single page templates (e.g. for magazines, brochures). The pages are created in advance as page templates and can then be assigned to the bundle. A distinction is made between default page templates (these are already included when the template is opened in the editor) and available page templates (different layouts that can be added or applied to the standard pages).


This type is a "Free Template“ without an IDML file or PDF (that means without predefined customizable areas). The users can define any format when opening the template in the editor (or select from predefined formats) and add their own images, texts or shapes depending on the template configuration.

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