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Editor jump

To get a Editor URL and jump into the editor we need to go through the following steps:

  1. Create user

  2. Create draft for template

  3. Generate JWT

  4. Create url to jump into the editor

  5. Add callback URL and callback_cancel URL to JWT to extend redirection options

For this example you need a API-Key and Identifier that you can find after printformer login in your client API section.

Also we need a template identifier that you can find in the template detail page that you can find under »Print« → »Templates« → »Select Template«. You also can call method “api-ext/template” to get all templates with all informations.

1. Create user

First we call Method “api-ext/user” with Postman and add authorization header that contains a combination of the word Bearer and API Key which is separated by a space.

We also add a email address to our user and post our request to method “api-ext/user”. Printformer give us a response with a user identifier that we need in the next steps.

2. Create draft for template

To create a draft we add authorization header and the parameters templateIdentifier, user_identifier and intent and request Method “api-ext/draft”. Printformer give us a response with a draft hash that we need in the next step.

3. Generate JWT

To generate a JWT Token we can use to decode, verify and generate a token for our editor url in the next step.

We need the following informations to generate our JWT Token:



Example Value





Random String that only can use one time




printformer API credentials




we create user in step 1







redirect to editor url after user login. Editor url contains draft hash in url we create in step 2

After that you need to verify signature JWT with printformer API Key.

4. Generate JWT

After you generate your JWT you can jump into editor with the following url:

{printformer URL}/auth?jwt={JWT Token}

Example URL:


5. Add callback URL and callback_cancel URL to JWT to extend redirection options

To redirect the user to a specific URL after entering the editor and choosing “done/Fertig” extend the redirect link in the payload section by adding a base 64 encoded callback URL:


In case of redirection after cancellation of the procedure “cancel/Abbruch“ add a base 64 callback_cancel URL“


Combined Solution:

With callback_target = top or self you can decide in which window the redirect need to be executed. This is only important when editor was embedded via iFrame. Default value is top.

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