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Closed Shop

In a closed shop, selected products are offered for purchase. Users can log in with accounts, customize individual products using the printformer editor, save them as projects, and order them on invoice. The shop's colors can be customized to match one's own corporate identity (CI) or that of the customer.

The sidebar contains the following menus:

  • Cart (stores selected and edited products until purchase)

  • Products (overview of all products/templates listed in the shop, categorized)

  • Orders (tabular overview of all previous orders, filtering options by order status, ability to revise and reorder previously purchased products)

  • Projects (enables the saving of customized products (templates) as projects for continued editing at a later time, and to use existing projects as templates)

  • Profile (editable overview of user-defined attributes and addresses)

  • Logout

Im backend, under the "Shop" menu, the management of the product range occurs. New products, categories, and attributes can be created there. Additionally, all orders with current order and print data status, along with the order date, are listed.

The Closed Shop can be accessed by adding /shop to the printformer URL, for example: Additionally, there's an option (in the tenant management) to create a custom URL.

In the ClosedShop, drafts created by the user can be saved as projects. Additionally, in the order overview, users can access previous customizations using the "Repeat Order" button. If these are edited by the user, the active template version at the time of draft creation is always referenced. Updates to the templates are not considered. To prevent the use of outdated templates, a "Reorder Lock Version" can be set in the template configuration.

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