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23-10-17 (Version 3.68): Feed, flip, color versions, etc.

  • Enlargement Feature Feed:
    Labeling of premium products: A new configurable attribute has been added to the feed that allows you to define any columns in your feed as "premium" columns. An SVG icon can be uploaded in the configuration to mark the product in the editor.
    Products requiring placement: Identifiers (Mandatory feed item identifier) from the feed CSV file can be used to specify which products must be placed in a draft.

  • New editing option for images in the editor: Flip
    (Currently, the inner image block can now be flipped. Therefore, the image section changes when mirroring if the inner image block is no longer centered in the image frame. A corresponding adjustment is on our roadmap)

  • Enlargement Variants: Users can now overwrite individual colors defined in a variant in the editor and thus recolor several elements with one adjustment.

  • New functions in the draft menu: A new template can be created from a draft, with the option to create bundle for multi-page drafts. Placed article templates can also be converted into new article templates and linked using Prefill

  • Producer feature enhancement: A CSV file with the products used in the draft can now also be supplied by the producer. (The IDML file can also be transferred if it has already been generated).

  • Image data connections: Integration of existing MAM systems such as FotoWare or Pixabay into printformer enables users to access image data and use it in the editor.

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