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Shop Settings


By default, the starting page displays all products. Alternatively, the homepage can be individually designed via the "Shop Content" menu.

Product page


printformer > Settings

In a system with multiple shops, you can switch between the settings of individual tenants (ClosedShops) using the top dropdown menu. To customize specific tenants, the respective "Use Default Configuration" checkbox must first be deactivated.


Settings > Logos > Logo

Image file 90x60 px


Settings > Shop > Colors

Hexadecimal color value (RGB)








Text and icon color


Button Text


Disabled elements


Text for disabled Buttons



Additional Settings

printformer > Settings > Shop


Display individual prices/preview thumbnails

Activate or deactivate through checkbox (when preview thumbnails are deactivated, the ClosedShop always shows the product image instead of a draft preview).

Initial order status

Selection (dropdown) of initial order status

Generating print data at order status

Selection (dropdown) of the status to start print data generation

Display content instead of all products

If this checkbox is activated, the content entered under "Shop Content" will be displayed as the homepage of the shop

Activate demo modus

This causes the shopping cart and projects menus to be deactivated, preventing the ordering process.

Template Suffix

Here, a suffix can be assigned, automatically appended to the project name if a project is used as a template and re-saved. This prevents all projects in the ClosedShop project overview from having the same project name if the user forgets to enter a new name for a replicated project.

Order products by

Here, it's determined by which value (name, price, article number, custom attribute) the products in the shop should be sorted.

Product order

Setting whether the products should be listed in ascending or descending order.

Shipping settings

Shipping method as mandatory field

activate or deactivate via checkbox

Available countries

Choice of countries that are available for shipping


Selection of invoice templates (page 1 and subsequent pages) that are automatically populated with order and invoice data (using DataKeys).

Input of an order number prefix.

Delivery note

Selection of delivery note templates (page 1 and subsequent pages) that are automatically populated with order data (using DataKeys).


Adjustment of VAT

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