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Multi-page templates

If templates with several pages are created in printformer, the Pages tab will appear in the editor (side-bar) for selecting the respective page.

In addition, it is possible (in the editor configuration of the template) to allow the user to edit the pages available in the template.



Edit pages

Pages can be moved (page order can be adjusted) or duplicated.

Add new page in the editor

Via Add a new page a (existing) page can be selected and inserted.

Page number divider

The number by which the total amount of pages in the template must be divisible is specified here. (Relevant for production, for brochures the dividor is usually 4).

Default pages can be deleted

In the editor, the default pages of the template may also be deleted.

Maximum number of pages

Determines the maximum number of pages in the template. (Once the amount has been reached, no more pages can be added without deleting pages first).

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