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Localised preview images

For shops with different languages, corresponding preview images can be created for a template in the respective language.

The assignment to the language is made in the template configuration through the language selector.

In the following example template, there should be a preview (thumbnail) for the languages German, English and Spanish. For this, these three languages must be available in the system, see Language.

First, the language German is selected in the language selector. In the template configuration, the thumbnail for the German version is uploaded under Template > Photo:

Then the language selector is set to Deutsch or espaƱol and the upload process is repeated with the English or Spanish thumbnail:

Alternatively, the individual thumbnails can also be loaded into the system via mass upload:

By clicking the Import Thumbnails button, a zip archive can be selected that contains all the required preview files.

The file names must contain the country codes defined in the system, these are listed in Settings > Language.
The file name can either just be the country code or the country code is added with an underscore, examples: de.jpg; en.jpg; es.jpg / Filename_de.jpg; Filename_en.jpg; Filename_es.jpg

After refresh, the corresponding thumbnails are then displayed in the template configuration depending on the language selection.

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