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The printformer software can be used in several languages. German and English are integrated as standard. It is also possible to add your own language files (with customised wording).

General settings

Under Settings > Language, you first set which language(s) should be available to the system. (The corresponding language files (translations) can be uploaded in advance or afterwards).

Language files are always system-wide (cannot be customised at client level). The same applies to the (selection of) languages that are to be available for the system (e.g. German and English cannot be selected for client 1, and German and French for client 2).

As soon as one or more languages are activated here, the language selector (drop-down menu) is displayed in the admin area and in the editor (under Settings) and the desired language can be selected via the drop-down menu. (If only one language is subsequently selected, the language selector is hidden again).
If the user selects a language in the language selector for which no language file has yet been uploaded in the backend, default English is displayed.

Set language for users

The language can be set individually for each user in the user administration (Users > User administration > Select user > System information).
After selecting the language and saving, the browser must be updated to apply the changed language settings.

Language files

In the Management under language files, you can customise the wording for the printformer and translate the admin or editor area.
To do this, first download the standard translation (click on Language file > button in the top toolbar).
The language files are in .po format and are split into the Admin, Login (auth), Editor, Shop and Workflow areas (and can be also be opened using a text editor).
After adjustments/translations of the individual files (each in the msgstr line) have been entered, these can be uploaded again (individually) via Add language file. The Scope is first selected under File, the edited language file is uploaded and then assigned to a Language.


Update language files

If new functions are released in the printformer system, there is usually also an update in the language files (text additions or adjustments). A corresponding notification appears in the backend:

To translate the new texts for the individual languages or to adapt them if required, first download the respective language file (PO file format) (click on the translation to be updated > Download button in the upper toolbar)
The new texts are always located at the end of the PO file and can now be edited or translated in the msgstr lines:


The revised file is then uploaded again in the backend (Select file button). After saving, the status in the overview is set to Up to date again.

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