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Free format

Empty template, possibly with custom format, which is completely customizable (without predefined areas).

The following settings can be made in the template configuration:

Here the required bleed is assigned to the pages (left, right, top, bottom).

Is a working surface
Relevant for Shopify templates, since the user cannot define his own page format here and therefore the default format is always used in the editor. By activating the checkbox, a PrintArea (ArtBox) is created that encloses all blocks placed on it. The page format of the preview and print PDF is generated according to this size.

Standard width and height
Definition of the default format (applied in Shopify or if no own format is entered when opening the template).

Page color
Here you can select a background color for the page. The wanted color must be created in advance (Colors Menu). The background color is included in the print file. By using the Change page color checkbox, the user can define his own color (or select from an assigned color set, if necessary).

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