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23-09-05 (Version 3.66): Forms, Shapes and Stroke-Settings

  • Enlargement Shapes within Editor: Additional Shapes are now available in the printformer editor, and the selection can be expanded in the admin by uploading single-color SVG files. You can also reduce the given shapes by deleting the default SVGs in the admin.

  • Extension of the stroke settings of Shape Blocks from the IDML: For shapes from an IDML file, the end, corner and stroke alignment settings can now be read out and applied in the editor, which makes it possible to flatten or round the corner points, for example. In addition, the shapes are now freely scalable in the editor.

  • Read spot colors from the IDML: Spot colors created in the IDML file are now read out as such during template creation and adopted (in the print PDF). In addition, they can be created as system colors directly from the template configuration via a link.

  • Extension of scaling settings: Safety Line, a frame (visible in the editor) can now be defined for scalable templates via a setting, which always maintains the same distance to the format edge regardless of the new format size.

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