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Custom Attributes

By activating this feature, the user can create custom attributes:

These attributes can then be read by Printformer and used in preflights and workflows.

Custom Attributes, illustrated using the example of a Preflight:

With printformer, Calibrate and Callas Preflights can be carried out. For Calibrate, there are job tickets that can be defined in the printformer in the Preflight Plan.

These contain information for the print data check, which can also be enriched by Shopify. For example, the chosen format or the number of pages could be passed to printformer so that they can be used in the job ticket and thus in the Preflight.

Subsequently, both general and option-dependent Preflight information can be transmitted.

In printformer, for each attribute that is to be used in the job ticket, a draft attribute must be created. This always begins with "pf-ca-".

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