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Through our »Vectorizer« it is easily possible to trace pixel images, such as normal JPEG/PNG files, directly in the editor in real time. This allows users to recolor the respective picture and save it as user media. Likewise a color reduction (e.g. on only one color) can be determined for the production.

Thus, the »Vectorizer« automatically vectors the image data uploaded in the editor and the colors contained therein can be reduced automatically or manually to the specified number required for the printing process.

In addition, default values for noise reduction, corner smoothing and Bézier curve optimization can be assigned in the backend, which can be adjusted to the respective picture in the editor to achieve an optimal result.

This feature is also suitable for creating templates for stamping dies. Here, in addition to the standard values mentioned above, the minimum font size as well as the minimum and maximum element size can be specified.

The instructions for using this function as well as for other effects possible in the Printformer will be added here. Or you can contact our support team directly.

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