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Editor jump via Admin

Depending on how the template has been configured, there are different variants when opening from the backend or when jumping into the template from the respective shop system.


Here you can select which client (assigned to the template) is used to open the template.


*Requirement: the different usages have been activated in the template configuration.


Editing and designing in the editor: Option to adjust or insert texts, shapes and images.


By uploading a CSV table, a predefined field can be filled with different contents (e.g. wedding cards with different names).


In combination with template type Free format, own print files can be uploaded.

Upload and editor

Possibility of a 2D and 3D preview of print data.

Use declaration

Selection of a declaration.

More choices

Pass pages dimensions
(mandatory for template type free format)

Offers the possibility of individually setting the page format of the template. The BlockSettings block-scaling and block-scaling-keep-proportions can be used to define in advance in the IDML how the elements of the template should behave.

Create Page-planning

A page planning can be created that creates a link between draft and feed. Optionally, project ID, project code, project name can be specified and the wanted feed must be selected.
The page planning is not visible in the backend (used e.g. for a project link between Magento and the printformer, where the contents are loaded via a feed).

Fill custom draft attributes

By activating, the values saved in the draft attributes (Publish > Drafts > Draft attributes) can be filled.

Fill API default values

By activating, the DataKeys contained in the template can be pre-filled. (For example, filling a DataKey which is visible in the header on every page).

In the shop, for example, a text can already be entered on the product page, which is then adopted via the DataKey in the template. (This prevents text fields from being missed).

pf-meta-now: Calendar function; If you are interested in this feature, please contact us.

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