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Release Notes

4. June 2020

  • Translate all Texts in Settings Section

  • Override Design/Upload Button Label for specific products and edit available Product settings without delete the Templates → Product relation

  • Change Selectors for detect html components (useful when you have problems with and you Shopify Theme)

  • Asynch Loading of 3D Product Images

  • Disable / Deactivate “Add to Cart” Button to avoid Orders without design.

27. April 2020

  • Change color to our new green

  • Add reset button to disconnet existing printformer connections between Shopify and printformer

  • Fix text problem on product page when user select templates with intent “editor” and “upload-and-editor”

  • Fix problem when user printformer URL without http and https prefix

  • Fix problem with missing templates

24. January 2020

  • Enable Multiple Intens so user can choose between Upload and Editor on product site

  • Improve App Start with Horizon

  • Better Error Reporting when Template is already assigned

  • Chrome Cookie Policy

  • Fix Problem with Dashboard

  • Fix Product Synch Problem

29. November 2019

  • New Shopify App Desgin and prepare our launch

  • New Options Rules to pass information about Format, Color or preset editor values to printformer

  • Overview about your produced print files in Dashboard

  • Printfiles can be access directly via your Shopify order

  • Add new App Icon

  • New Loading Icon on Shopsite to avoid white page after open editor

  • Fixing problem with to many product pages

30. September 2019

  • Translation in English and German

  • New option to activate/deactivate draft thumbnail after design process in shop

  • Activate/Deactivate 3D Thumbnail Feature to show 3D Thumbnail and Animation in your Shopify Shop

  • Activate/Deactivate redirecting shopuser to the cart after design product in editor

  • Possibility to deactivate automatic insertion of printformer components in your shopify shop, if you use not supported designs. Please follow the following instructions here

  • Loading Mask after click on design button

1. August 2019 (initial Version)

  • Add API Credentials to establish connection from shopify to printformer

  • synchronize template between shopify and printformer

  • Assign printformer Templates to Shopify Products to enable the design button on product page

  • List orders from shopify in printformer App to download prntfiles after order have been placed

  • Design Button on product and cart page

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