In general, PDF/X standards can be used in printformer to generate print data.
However, it is important to note that the standard with which the print file is to be created later must be compatible with the assets used in the template (PDF or EPS or SVG files) and any assigned page and article templates. (Otherwise no print file can be created later from a draft).

The print data is created analog to the background PDF stored in the template.
(The standard is automatically read from this and applied, no conversion is done in the printformer).

However, if no PDF/X standard (PDF/X: none) is set in the master template, both assets and page/article templates with (different) standards can be inserted or used.

Use of PDF- EPS- or SVG in image blocks

  • PDF
    If PDFs are used as assets in the template, the inserted PDFs must have at least the same standard (and PDF 1.4 or higher compatibility) as the background PDF. (In general, it would be best if the export settings of the background PDF are identical to the PDFs inserted later, e.g. by adding a note to the export settings in the template).

  • EPS
    EPS files can generally only be loaded as assets in templates with a background PDF without an X-standard and a compatibility of max. PDF 1.3.
    (Since the EPS file format has largely been replaced by the PDF format, EPS files are converted in printformer to a PDF without standard.) We generally recommend against using EPS files, since the format is considered obsolete and is also no longer supported by other applications (e.g. Microsoft Office).

  • SVG (RGB color space)
    If SVGs are to be placed as assets in the template, at least PDF 1.4 (X4) compatibility must be used for generating the print data (or the background PDF).