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Edit template and create print data

The template administration contains all uploaded templates; click to open the configuration menu.

Select »Open in Editor«, the pop-up window that appears can be confirmed without further ado (the functions displayed here are intended for special templates). Now the layout you originally created in InDesign appears in the printformer editor.

Editing a template in the printformer editor

The individual elements (graphics and text in our example) can be edited by clicking. (A click selects the graphic frame and a double click the content.) The corresponding menu appears on the right. The placeholder for graphics/images can be replaced by another file. The image section/zoom as well as the transparency can be changed and the element repositioned or rotated. (Transparency is not possible with SVG files.) If there are several elements, the arrangement (in the foreground/background) can be adjusted by Layer. These editing options are also available for texts. In addition, the font type/size can be changed and text can be entered.

The editing options of the printformer editor can be restricted in InDesign by creating attributes, and also in printformer directly.

Create preview and print data

Once you have finished editing, you can generate a preview of your draft by clicking on "to the preview" in the upper right-hand menu area. You can also download this preview as a PDF to make the checking more comfortable.

If all the data is correct, click on »Done« to switch to the detailed view of your draft. If you now want to generate print data from the draft, click on »Produce and deliver«. As soon as the process is complete, the button »Download print file(s)« becomes active and you can download the print data. (This completes the draft and it can't be changed and opened any more).

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