07. July 2021  (Version 3.40)

  • Formatting in Product Feeds
    HTML formatting can now be used in our product feed. Supported html tags can be viewed here https://docs.printformer.com/PDN/Product-Feeds.2178088961.html
    HTML tags from the product feed are also used in the IDML API export

  • New block attribute "block-map-colors".
    If this value is true, for SVG graphics and shape blocks (those contained in the file or shape) colors of the element can be selected and changed individually.
  • Updating cross-media images within page plans has been optimized
  • The hint if all pages have been edited is no longer displayed during intent upload and editor
  • Icons for horizontal and vertical centering in the editor have been adjusted
  • Error with the article template category and clients has been fixed
  • Text in the editor is also marked directly after a double click
  • API default values can now be filled in the admin when creating a draft
  • Feed setting "Delete data before import" now works as expected
  • With the new barcode block setting margin, distances between barcode and block can now be defined
  • With a new setting in the template an option can be activated in the editor to show and hide image placeholders
  • Variants can now be deleted
  • Asset fill and stroke in variants
  • Add Variant Thumbnails

11. June 2021  (Version 3.39)

  • improvement: number of columns in the sidebar can now be configured
  • improvement: Change stroke and fill of assets through variants
  • improvement: Derivatives reporting
  • improvement: List fonts alphabetically in the editor
  • improvement: loading fonts even with a slow internet connection
  • improvement: VectorizerOptimisation, especially for monochrome files
  • improvement: possibility to deactivate the zoom of 3d models on the template
  • improvement: new translations
  • improvement: Import lists from idml and export to idml
  • improvement: PDFs were included in the idml export
  • bugfix: form editor had problems with several pages
  • bugfix: when interpreting html in the product feed, the text in the preview disappears
  • bugfix: file extension in the job ticket was not applied

30. March 2021  (Version 3.37)

  • improvement: Remove hint message
  • improvement: Add client on new font upload
  • improvement: Block restrictions - Asset drop
  • bugfix: FreeFormat closed store cannot be opened
  • bugfix: printformer login briefly visible at mobile entry
  • bugfix: Mobile jump to editor not possible
  • improvement: Textbuttons in IOS disappear when "Add text" is disabled in toolbar
  • improvement: Placeholder edit
  • improvement: Brochure editor - image gallery
  • improvement: Disable "No more data" in store overview ?
  • improvement: Open product stage only if draft is new
  • improvement: Condition must become mandatory field
  • improvement: drag&drop page planning image in Firefox very big
  • improvement: Google Chrome (iPhone) Mobile

03. February  2021  (Version 3.36)

  • improvement: New: Form editor - Phone number rules
  • improvement: Create/Update Feed API
  • improvement: PF Admin Icons swap
  • improvement: PF Token reset + External platforms Auth
  • improvement: Zaikio default features when creating a new system
  • improvement: Zaikio Subscription
  • improvement: Flyod-steinberg effect
  • improvement: SSO Zaikio
  • improvement: Extension: User management rights

05. January  2021  (Version 3.35)

  • improvement:  Optimization workflow
  • improvement:  Elements that are in the PFNonPrint are not cut away by the CCA
  • improvement:  Revision of grid container
  • bugfix: delete own colors
  • improvement:  performance optimization
  • several bugfixes and improvements

03. December  2020  (Version 3.34)

12. May  2020  (Version 3.28)

  • Improvement - Open/Close Sidebar in Editor
  • Improvement - Enable Overprint functionality 
  • Improvement - Add SVG Badge in Media Manager
  • Improvement - Insert uploaded PDF in Template Print Area
  • Improvement - Add clipping Path Support in editor and printfiles
  • Improvement - Colorsets for Template Variants
  • Improvement - Show Preflight state in drafts overview and on draft detail page

9. March  2020  (Version 3.27)

  • Improvement - use SVG as default value files from your InDesign

9. March  2020  (Version 3.26)

  • Improvement - Opacity for all Elements in Editor
  • Improvement Add Group Template Section in Default Dropdown in Editor Settings
  • Improvement - Fit Asset functionality in Editor
  • Improvement - New printformer Admin and Editor Logo
  • Improvement - Change article Templates in draft create process via API

31. January  2020  (Version 3.25)

  • Improvement - Our brand new Vectorizer allows your users to vectorize assets in the editor. Decide how many colors should be allowed and allow your users to re-color their uploads.
    Aufnahme #781.mp4

  • Improvement - New color Picker
  • Improvement - Colorsets
  • Improvement - Detailed view in Mails with our new Logs and Loops View
  • Improvement - Add new CMS Functionality
  • Improvement - Possibility to use draft Attributes in Mail Templates
  • Improvement - Convert SVG Files to PDF when generating print file

11. December 2019  (Version 3.24)

  • Improvement - Initial Autoselect Image Block 
    If your template have only one ImageBlock this block would be autoselect after user open the editor
    Aufnahme #686.mp4

  • Improvement - Improve Template form
  • Improvement - Delete drafts via UI and add workflow hook for draft delete
  • Improvement - Add English Translations
  • Improvement - Boost Calibrate Preflight Job Performence
  • Improvement - Optimize "Open in Editor" window

27. November 2019  (Version 3.23.11)

  • Fix - Save Templates with CustomAttributes
  • Fix - Replicate some draft via API

26. November 2019  (Version 3.23.10)

  • Fix - PDF/X Check failed when using Calibrate Preflight Layer
  • Fix - Rounding problem with catalog templates and containers
  • Fix - Roboto Font in Editor is missing

21. November 2019  (Version 3.23.9)

  • Improvement - increase the number of workers to process jobs faster
  • Fix - Problem with Language Switch in Admin
  • Fix - Upload Editor Logo

15. November 2019  (Version 3.23.6)

  • Improvement - Articletemplates
    Restrict your Articletemplates for possibilitie datasources  

     Aufnahme #662.mp4

13. November 2019  (Version 3.23.5)

  • Improvement - New Button for Container Reset
    In older Versions you need to select the container before you can delete it. Now you only select one element within the container and delete it with the new "Empty Container" Button.

  • Fix - Problem with Domains
  • Fix - Changed Draft Repsonse to correct JSON Notation

07. November 2019  (Version 3.23)

  • New Feature - Grid Filters
    Save Filter Settings in all Grids

    Aufnahme #639.mp4

  • New Feature  - Pages
    Add possibility to add/delete/reorder pages in Editor. Define a divider to avoid not printable page sizes.

     Aufnahme #640.mp4

  • New Feature - PDF/X Standard for Template Bundles 
    Define your PDF/X Standard for bundle printfile generation

  • New Feature - Global scale pricing
    Define your scale prices global and assign it to your closed shop products


  • Admin - Access Request
    Get complete overview about all incoming and outgoing API Requests with our brand new Requests Log Overview

  • Improvement - Editor Preflight
    Visualize Preflight Steps in Assets Blocks when using Prefight Engine in Editor

    Aufnahme #641.mp4
  • Improvement - Container and Articletemplates
    Improve the user Articletemplate experience with defining highlighting Colors for Dragstart and Dragover. 

     Aufnahme #644.mp4

    Fill available containers or borders when user start Drag&Drop

    Define a message or avoid that the user go to preview step when he not filled all containers

  • Improvement - Highlight available Elements 
    Highlight text and image elements on the page when user hover or visit the page


17. Oktober 2019 (Version 3.22.9)

  • New Feature - Avoid Parallel Editing - User can now jump into a editor draft and ask if he can take over the editing process

    Aufnahme #614.mp4

  • New Feature - Formular Editor - In the past you have seen all fields of the formular editor on all pages of the editor. Now you can decide if you want to see all fields or only the fields of the current site.

    Aufnahme #615.mp4
  • New Feature - Formular Editor - Now you can enable Text formatting e.g. Size or Color in your Formular Editor with activate this in your Tempate settings and define your text-format possibilities in your InDesign Template


  • Fix - Identifiers can now also be marked and copied in Firefox
  • Fix - After Upload a zip Template and Save it you not need to refresh the browser anymore